This Is How You Figure Out How to Make Soup / Asparagus Soup

2 Mar
That is what Zizi looks like when she is really excited about the soup.

Email message sent at 9:21 AM, Monday.

Alayna: I think it is essential that we incorporate the pate from book club into soup night. Also, we have very little room in the refrigerator. SO, I suggest we make an asparagus soup and pate/cheese sandwiches to dip into it.
Email message sent at 10:04 AM

Mary Lorraine: I think that sounds wonderful. What should I buy? So last night… (Author’s note: I am cutting out said boy drama because it is not relevant to soup)
Email message sent at 12:01 PM

Alayna: We need baguettes. That’s right, plural. I think two. That way we have our pate sandwiches both today and for lunch tomorrow. Uhm. Not that I like planning ahead. Other than that, if you can buy leeks, asparagus and some half and half, we should be good! Get from Key Foods, cheaper. 
Um, that sounds awkward did you… (removed).
Email message sent at 12:23PM

Mary Lorraine: On it.. Um, yeah. We had a little disagreement about… (more message removed.)
See you tonight!
Here’s What You Do:

Sauttee a medium sized yellow onion and three leeks (only the white parts) in olive oil until translucent
Add in thyme at some point (fresh or dry)
Chop up 2 bunches of asparagus into small pieces, toss ’em in and mix
Add half a stick of butter and squeeze 1 lemon
Also throw in a few handfuls of spinach to add more iron!
When they turn bright green and are no longer super crunchy add enough chicken broth (or water with a chicken broth packet) to cover (not too watery!)
Add salt and pepper to taste
Let cook until soft all the way through
Now it should look like this:
Throw it into a blender in parts and blend to whatever consistency suits your taste.
Add half and half to taste. 
Adding pate sandwiches with different sorts of nice cheeses is a good addition. 
Or make little tea sandwiches where you cut off the crusts because that is classy and this is a classy soup.
Finished product!


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