Oyster Stew

27 Apr
This how family helps you make soup
Alayna’s email to her sister:
Do you know mom’s oyster stew recipe? I want to make it tonight.
Sister’s email to Alayna:
Mmm… no. I asked mom once and she was like, you know, just throw in potatoes, onion, butter, celery, cream, oyster and call it a day. I’d ask her for a more specific recommendation.
That sounds delish, though!!
Alayna’s email to her mother:
Hey Mom,

Can you send me the oyster stew recipe? I know it’s easy!

Mother’s email to Alayna:
Ok, no recipe. Use a can of oysters- add it to: onion/celery/potatoes that have been sauted and cooked and then add milk/butter and pepper to taste.
Today’s soup?

I’m sorry I wasn’t so talkative last night… last 10 minutes of new Law & Order….

Alayna’s email to her mother:
Haha! Definitely understandable. There was some good Law and Ordering happening last night.

Do you think the stew will be bad if I add some stuff to it? Like maybe spinach for iron? I guess that’s it.

Love you!

Mother to Alayna:
I think it would be delicious!!! Love, mom

Thanks for understanding.
Alayna’s Mom’s Oyster Stew

Set 2 handfuls of red potatoes chopped into bite sized pieces to boil in a separate pot
Saute 1 medium sized yellow onion chopped in olive oil (in soup bowl)
and 1/2 a stick of butter
Add 2 or 3 leeks cut into bite sized pieces (just the white parts)
Chop 5 celery stalks, with the stringy ends cut off, into bite sized pieces and add to saute
Add 1 box of baby portabella mushrooms

While that’s cooking add another 1/2 of butter
Wait until the veggies aren’t all the way soft, but still sort of crunchy (same with potatoes) Drain the potatoes and add to the soup.
Pour in 2 cans of oysters with their juices
And top it off with whole milk just so you cover all the stuff you put in
Add salt and pepper to taste
Add an additional 1/2 stick of butter (optional but Alayna really likes butter)

We also made roasted eggplant, asparagus and brie sandwiches on whole wheat pitas.
Follow up:
(Tuesday, lunchtime of leftovers, at work)
Alayna: Mary! I just found a wee pearl in my oyster stew
Mary Lorraine: ??
Alayna: By biting it
Mary Lorraine: liar!
Alayna: no! true. i will photograph for evidence with camera phone
Mary Lorraine: holy heck!
Alayna: I took a picture of it next to my pearl earring
Mary Lorraine: We will figure out how to transfer camera phone picture to blog.
Turns out, we could not figure this out.
We just make soup.

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