Sausage Soup

19 May
Writing a soup blog when I’m at work is a lot more dodgy than I thought. But it’s Thursday and I know the people… i.e. Alayna… is freaking out that there is no new soup to look at. Though there is a new Friday’s Dinners! which also doubles as Sunday Brunch.
There is a lot to say here. One: This is a nice Italian-esq. comfort soup. Very similar to Italian Wedding soup, Ryan. Alayna was in the mood for it because she is freaking out- so are most of the Suffolk apartment ladies. As the lease is ending and cha-cha-changes are a-happening. Moving, subletting, weeding out potential craigslist killers. It’s stressful. (Hey! Anyone need a room in the Lower East Side in a week? Inquire within!)
So this soup made us all feel a little more relaxed. Thank you, soup.
Now for the contest. Drum roll please.

I know, how did we not think of this before.

1. Write a haiku about soup.
2. Paste it as a “comment” to this blog post
3. Wait anxiously to see if you’re the winner
You WANT to be the winner.
The Soup!
Slice about 6 cloves of garlic and saute in olive oil in the soup pot
add in 1 yellow onion, chopped
once the onions are getting opaque,
add about two fistfuls of kale, torn into smaller pieces
when the kale is getting softer, add about 1.5 handfuls of baby carrots, chopped
add the florets from one or two heads of broccoli
once the broccoli and carrots are getting softer, but still firm,
add a large can of crushed tomatoes with the juice
and bring the bot to a low simmer
add in a handful of fresh basil
and a handful of fresh parsley
in a separate pan, saute 4-6 Italian sausages cut into bite size pieces (half sweet, half spicy)
once cooked through, add to to the soup pot and fill with chicken broth to get to the right consistency
Bring everything to a boil and eat!


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