Watermelon Wonder

19 Aug

Ah summer, when you get up and have a slow breakfast, purposefully wait for your coffee to get cold before you take your first sip, lounge around reading, go to the beach, nap when you get tired and eat only what is cold, refreshing, or astonishingly easy to make.

As ‘grown-ups’, we never quite re-capture that summer feeling, but I got to come pretty close this past week while on vacation. I tagged along with my mom and her lovely friend Marlene to Cape Cod before heading down to Texas to see my good friend Mo. I saw seals at the beach, ate a lobster the size of my head, and enjoyed the best snow cone of my life standing in a steaming hot parking lot in a swimsuit in the middle of Austin.

And of course, there was soup. My mom happened to bring four of the five ingredients necessary for a soup I’ve been wanting to make, and the last, mint, was growing in the yard of our beach house. It couldn’t have been more perfect or better after a long day at the beach. And so I present, the Watermelon Wonder… don’t be weirded out by the garlic, it keeps the soup from tasting like juice (although you can still drink it out of a cup if you’re lazy and/or hot):

  • Chop the red parts of half a very ripe, large, seedless watermelon into chunks and to half a very ripe cantaloupe, de-seeding it first
  • Also chop one large cucumber
  • Dice two cloves of garlic and large handful of mint

  • Blend all of these things in a blender (HINT: start with watermelon at the bottom of the blender with a LITTLE bit of water and things will get liquid fast, then just reserve some for the next batch)

  • Salt and pepper to taste and let sit in the refrigerator for an hour before eating.
VOILA!… happy soupers!

And happy snow-coners!


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