Coconut and Pumpkin Soup

8 Jun

(So you are imagining the proper “I,” this is Alayna’s mind, I had an unfortunate scheduled writing class and had to miss. Sad face.)

So this weekend I went a little crazy on buying leafy greens at the market. (M.L. interjection, Story of my life, Alayna) I know, I know…. leafy greens? Again? But don’t worry, this week’s recipe is different, as is the reason I bought so many greens.

After a long hard morning of cleaning my apartment, I went over to the local market. Essex Street Market is called a farmer’s market, but it’s not your traditional farmer’s market. You’re much more likely to see someone paying with a welfare card than picking up organic arugula, and while there are some excellent specialty meat and cheese shops, the market still caters mostly to the Dominican and Puerto Rican populations in the area. Cheap plantains and avocados to spare!

In fact, the market highlights on of the things I’ll miss most about my neighborhood when I head down to DC for grad school: a market that sells kale, collard and mustard greens for 89 cents a bunch, but labels them ‘keo’, ‘colargrín’ and ‘mussargrín’ since that’s what a native spanish speaker who wasn’t crazy about greens would think you were saying.

Either way, I’ve had this idea for a soup for a little while, and thought it would either be really good or really gross. Luckily, it turned out on the great side…. a little taste of thai without being too aggressive. And a great way to use your gríns.

Coconut and Pumpkin Soup (A new way to use your gríns)

  • Defrost a package of frozen peas and set aside
  • Saute about 5-6 roughly chopped garlic cloves in olive oil with about an inch of chopped fresh ginger and a few shakes of red pepper flakes
  • Add in the chopped white parts of 3-4 leeks and saute until translucent
  • Add in a bunch of chopped collard greens and stir until dark green
  • Stir in one large can of coconut milk, another can and a half full of water and one can of (un-spiced!) pumpkin puree with a packet or two of chicken bouillon
  • When the broth heats up, add in one bunch of chopped mushroom greens, your de-thawed peas and one large red pepper, chopped into smallish pieces
  • Enjoy!

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