Not Just Greens

22 Jun

This Monday’s Soup was so emotionally exhausting there was a period when Alayna and I just gazed at Zizi, deeply sighed, and said something like, “Thank God for cats.”

In other news, Alayna had her pottery show on Saturday night! Look at that dinner set! I asked her if it took her more than 80 hours to make, she looked at me like I was nuts. So yeah, apparently making an awesome 8-seat dish set and serving wear which are all different creatures and flowers, you know, takes a long time.

That’s all I’ve got this week, friends. I dropped off about 3 pounds of various greens which were severly stressing me out at Alayna’s last night. I might just miss picking up my vegetables from the CSA this week because I feel like radishes and baby onions are taking over my home. This soup was a delight. We used new and exotic spices. It made the soup orange instead of green, which was awesome. I also commented that I think this is the most beautiful soup we’ve ever made because it had all the colors of the rainbow.

Enjoy the rainbow.

Not Just Greens

  • Saute six cloves of chopped garlic in olive oil
  • When fragrant, add one chopped white onion and cook until about halfway wilty. At that point, add a generous amount of tumeric, some cumin, garam masala (if you have it) and powdered chili
  • Add about a handful of chopped carrots and cook covered until they begin to soften
  • Add one chopped yellow squash and cook another few minutes until they begin to soften
  • Add one cup of quinoa and fill in your soup pot, bringing up the heat to cook at a simmer/low boil for 10-15 minutes until the quinoa is done (it will no longer look like dry seeds, but like, oatmealy seeds…. but appealing).
  • Since we used home-made broth that had lemon in it, we already had a lemony scent, but if you’re NOT doing that, just squeeze in the juice of 1-2 lemons here.
  • Add two bunches of swiss chard and some torn up chicken (optional) from that roast you made yesterday, and serve!


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