Rabe, squash and apple soup with pesto

13 Jul

Meet my boot. I have a love / hate relationship with my boot. Love because I think it’s actually helping my mangled tormented ankle that has suffered years of neglect and abuse by yours truly. Hate because I can’t run or workout or raise my heart rate. And that’s driving me nuts. The fact that I’ll still be wearing this goddamn boot even after Alayna has moved out of New York sort of grief strikens me. Either way…. how lovely does that look? The picture below, I mean.

One thing Alayna and I got to talking about while she cooked and I sat in a chair by the garbage cans guzzling wine, is that there is a dark side to this whole farm to table / CSA / Farmer’s Market bit that everyone and their mother is celebrating right now. A little something that no one is talking about. I’m going to break that silence right now.

Vegetables are actually dirty. I mean literally covered in dirt. Alayna and I are both pretty lazy cleaners. I don’t even think dirt is that bad for you. Though I freak out about say, microwaves. But I had this experience recently where I made a really lazy, rushed gazpacho last week as an effort to get rid of my CSA vegetables before they went bad. It was delicious. Until I broke out in a rash at work. And then became freezing cold. Which was odd because it was that 100 F day last week and our office’s air conditioner had stopped working and literally all anyone was talking about was how hot it was.

As some sort of bizarre vegetable torture I tried the gazpacho again this week (uhm vegetable torture / I’m very cheap… Once again, there’s no such thing as a free lunch… ba da boom!) Anyways, yeah, weird arm rash and chills after half the bowl. Then I wisely decided to stop eating.

As our mantra says, Do not fear soup. But like, maybe I should have blanched those red dandelion greens I literally just tossed in the blender, stems and all. The thing with farm to table food is that it involves so much damn preparation. Which sometimes is a nice thing. Shelling peas is probably one of my favorite things to do. Blanching however, I always think is just a giant pain in the ass. But I guess I need to work on embracing this process more. That or embrace my arm hives.

Rabe, squash and apple soup

  • Roughly chop one or two onions and saute in olive oil with some red pepper flakes on medium-low heat until transluscent
  • Add one bunch of brocoli rabe, also chopped, stir and cover, bringing up the heat a little until they begin to look a darker green
  • Add 3-4 chopped zucchinni or yellow squash and mix in, keeping covered
  • Once squash is about halfway cooked, add in two chopped red delicious or braeburn apples (without cores)
  • Cover with broth, bring up to temperature, blend and serve with a dollop of fresh pesto


  • combine the leaves of one bunch of basil, a handful of hazelnuts, about half a cup of parmesean cheese and two cloves of garlic in a food processor with olive oil
  • blend
  • adjust flavors

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