Green Beans Soup

20 Jul

One of my goals here at Monday’s Soup was to include lima beans in a soup. I have a torrid past with lima beans. As a small child I ate a disproportionate amount of vegetables, to the point my parents and grandparents would prop me up at the dinning room table, set bowls of lima beans, corn on the cob, what have you, in front of my large and chubby face, and have friends and family watch and gawk as I was let loose, speedily downing one bowl of lima beans after the next. On and on until someone picked me up from the table. Burped me and set me on my way. I’m not exaggerating. We have home-videos that just document how much and how fast I eat.

My grandparents gladly indulged this and my grandmother, whom I referred to as MoMommy (as in “More Mommies,” I’m brilliant I realize this- I also called my grandfather Ba-Boy, i.e. “Bad Boy” as he enjoyed the occasional cocktail or 5.) Anyways, story goes that every time I visited, and we visited almost weekly for a a long time, MoMommy would dotingly shell piles and piles of lima beans for me because lima beans were my favorite.

Then MoMommy and BaBoy passed away and my mother, I kid you not, never once made me lima beans. I literally don’t think I have ever had a lima bean since I was a four years old and enjoyed overly doting grandparents.

Therefore, I let out an audible gasp when I saw the big pile of lima beans at the Farmer’s Market yesterday afternoon and grabbed them in fists. Before Alayna came over, well actually she was– unknowingly to me– trapped on my front stoop in 95 F degree weather for 25 minutes but I didn’t hear the buzzer… I listened to Billie Holiday and tried to meditate with the feeling of shelling lima beans. They are tougher to shell than English peas, which I appreciated.

For those of you counting this is our second to last soup post. Which means next week is our last Monday’s Soup ever while Alayna and I both live in the same city. This means that our Monday’s Soups have increasingly become excuses to be festive. For the last month or two wine has become mandatory and more recently after-soup outings to our favorite bar that sits squarely between my apartment and Alayna’s and just so happens to have an all-night Monday night happy hour, has become the soup-after party. I love soup-after parties.

Alayna and I got nostalgic, I talked about how my first impression of her was being impressed, as we walked to art school in France, that her gloves were actually socks, and how, Alayna mused, if she were a vegetable she would be a leek. (I gasped.) I’d be kale, in case you were wondering, sturdy and faithful.  Then we started taking pictures of our matching dinosaur necklaces by candlelight, obviously. Soup. Memory makers in these bowls, I tell you.

Green Beans Soup

  • Drop 2 cups of sprouted mung beans in 6 cups of boiling water for 5 minutes, then turn off heat and let them chillax
  • Meanwhile, in big soup pot add 1 onion to 2 tbsp of olive oil and generous shakes of cayenne pepper, simmer for 5 minutes
  • Drop in 3 or so handfuls of pole beans (or green beans) cut into bite sized pieces, let simmer for 5 minutes
  • Drop in 1 sliced and quartered summer squash, freshly shelled peas and lima beans (about 2 cup)
  • After everything is getting soft add 6 or so cups of water, enough to generously submerge everything. 2 or 3 broth bullions, 2 or so tspn of thyme and 2 tspn of herbs de provence, let it sit for a while
  • Add big handfuls of whatever greens you have, throw in the kernels of 1 ear of corn. Taste it in five minutes. Add some lemon. And salt and pepper.

One Response to “Green Beans Soup”

  1. Special Scout July 20, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    man, i do love that dino bling.

    also lima beans.

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