Soup Failure

16 Sep

Alayna’s been sending text messages, where the soup post? I’ve been sort of dodging them, hoping she wouldn’t notice that for the first time in almost two years there wasn’t a soup post one week. But of course Alayna would not let that one slide.

Ladles, in a nut shell (or, more suitingly) in a muang bean. I did make a soup on Monday. It was just terrible. That has never happened before. If they are Meh, they are pretty good Meh but they are never terrible.

I know why this happened. I was grocery shopping with no plan after work and the gym. This is when I’m my hungriest and my dumbest. I bought a really motley collection of produce. I went home and found there were mealworms in my pasta pantry. I freaked out and cleaned my entire kitchen and had to throw out way too much pasta. Now it’s 11:30pm. I’m starving and I put together this concoction that involves muang beans, butternut squash and rosemary. It was awful. I ate it. I’m still eating it. I have leftovers for lunch today, and I ate it for lunch yesterday too.

I’ll tell you this, when soupers fail you know what we don’t do? Waste food. Is that even a quality? It’s more because I’m chap than anything. Whatever, it’s healthy. Grrrrrrrreat.

So I’m not going to include the recipe because no one should ever recreate this disaster again.

Alayna, move back to NYC.


One Response to “Soup Failure”

  1. ems September 18, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    that was awesome.

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