Honey Ham Soup

19 Jan

Alayna’s Soup: Aaaaah the crockpot. Mary has recently talked about how much we love it, and it’s true. You put things in it and then you get deliciousness! I made this warm soup on a cold night last week (we had snow! very exciting) and Bagel came over to help me enjoy. I think you can tell by the looks on both of our faces that we are into ham, and more importantly, into ham in soup!

P.S. Mary write, “The votes are in, we’re making a slow cooker category. Dreams are coming true, soups are cooking slow.”

Honey Ham Soup

Put the following in a crockpot for 6-8 hours:

one small bag of large lima beans
one cup chick peas
6-7 cloves of garlic (chopped)
half large yellow onion (chopped)
several handfuls of kale strips
2-3 tomatoes (chopped)
2 bay leaves
rosemary, thyme, basil
a generous portion of honey-baked ham, including the bone if you have it
enough water to cover


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