Coconut in the Crock Pot

9 Feb

*I did take a picture of this soup, but have forgotten to upload it, so instead here’s a picture of people studying. On a Friday.

I know, I know, once more we have a crock pot soup. I’m sure some of you who have time in your lives and work regular hours and don’t just try to live on clementines and carrots between classes.
(Sidenote: did you know that if young children eat too many yellow foods like carrots and squash they get a yellow caste to their skin????? Apparently my sister and I both had this problem because of squash. Now our niece does. Veggies run in the family!)
But for those of us who are who are reading econ textbooks on the bus on the way to work (that was this morning. That book is heavy) we don’t have the luxury of extra sauteing time…. at least not until next week 🙂
SO, another soup! I’m going to write the recipe how it would have been in my ideal world (aka, with an extra can of coconut milk and some peas) because I think everyone would like it better that way.
Coconut Crockpot
  • put 1 cup dried chickpeas, 1 cup dry rice, 1 packet boneless skinless chicken thighs, 1 chopped red pepper, 6-8 chopped carrots, 6-8 chopped garlic cloves, 6-8 chopped plum tomatos, a few shakes of red pepper, 1 or so inches of chopped ginger, one peeled, de-seeded and chopped acorn squash, a small bag of frozen green peas and two cans of coconut milk into your crockpot and cover the rest with water.
  • Sprinkle some garam masala spice, chili powder and allspice into the mix and let set for 8 hours on low.
Come home and enjoy!

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