Patatas Bravas

22 Apr

I am once again entering the end of the semester, where you’re working all the time and basically end up eating very random things, whether because you just eat what’s in front of you (arepas for breakfast?) or make what you have (patatas bravas stew?). But you know what? Patatas bravas stew is delicious. It’s based off a Spanish dish I used to love when I worked at a tapas bar I worked in after college. Funny story about that: At my graduation party I was telling my (somewhat deaf) grandpa what I was doing (working at a tapas bar) and he misheard me and told everyone I was a stripper. So lesson of the day is use crockpots and enunciate!

Patatas Bravas Stew

  • Put one large chopped yellow onion, 6-10 small red potatoes (in fourths), 6-8 cloves of garlic, one chili ancho, one chili passilla, a handful of cilantro and 5 chicken thighs in a crock pot
  • Cook for 6 hours on high
  • Enjoy!

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