Collard Green Machine

3 May

What’s that there? That is a huuuuuge bag of collard greens. Sometimes I’m not sure who it is that eats this many vegetables, but then I remember… oh right. Me. That’s why everyone thinks I’m a vegetarian, even though I’m not. Either way, I had a huge bag of collard greens and it’s my week for soup, so I decided to make a kind of summery version of the persian lentil soup…. summery-er because it doesn’t have lentils, I guess? Basically I like tumeric and cumin. Either way, I ended up with this glowing bowl of health:

That’s right. It’s literally glowing it’s so healthy. Although I am currently in the library and my classmates are telling me that it smells to ‘indian’ to eat in the study room. Jerks. I think they’re just jealous of my ‘weird-ass soups’ (and ten points for those who know the drama that that phrase came out of…). So here goes:

Collard Green Machine Soup

  • saute 4-6 cloves of garlic and one large yellow onion in olive oil, sprinkling generously with tumeric and with a little bit of cumin, keeping covered until the onion is nice and soft
  • start filling up the pot with collard greens, then cook covered on low while they wilt, adding more until you’re done with your ginormous bag of collard greens
  • once all the greens are in and wilted, add one can of drained kidney beans (for protein!) and a box of chicken broth (I know, I’m getting lazy… it’s finals!)
  • Simmer about 10-15 minutes, blend and serve – dollop of greek yogurt optional, and delicious (if still smelly) warm or cold

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